The Minerva's Warriors Annihilate Cepsus Repsolius, the Magna Mater Profaner’s.

The group of 9 warriors of Minerva (goddess of the war and protective of the beaux arts) annihilate Cepsus Repsolius, Magna Mater’s (goddess of the land) profaner. The warriors-artists, with helmets and feminine ornaments, shout and spit like crazy girls. In the meantime, they have already nailed a knife to the neck of Cepsus Repsolius. Cepsus Repsolius Symbolises the “values” of the patriarcal world, responsible, between other, of the disappearance of the roman Tarragona and of the environmental destruction of the land, that is to say: of the Magna Mater desecration.

Bust de Cepsus Repsolius

Bust of Cepsus Repsolius
Ceramic bust, 13 x 21 cm. diameter
Basis: Nestlé chocolate’s can, 5’5 x 16 cm. diameter
Ceramic dish, 4 x 28’5 cm. diameter
900 Eur. / Cepsus Repsolius bust’s and dish

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