The dark side of venus

The Dark Side of Venus stems from the observation of the behavior that is considered negative in the goddess of love and beauty: the passions, revenges, adulteries, humiliations, jealousies, favoritisms, and envies that she elicits in others and suffers herself. For each good day she has, Venus has to pay a thousand disgraces. The disasters experienced in different battles qualify her as the protector of lovers, warriors, fertility, desire, and beauty. The amulets and votive figures in her shrines pray for the supernatural power of imperfection to be accepted and transformed into beauty (Venus “Shell”, 2015-16). Intuitively, I return to the ceramics of my childhood to tell her story.

Cap votiu amb orelles blanques

Votive Head with White Ears
Ceramics and flatiron
10 x 6 x 5’3 cm. and 11 x 11 cm.
The artist’s collection, Mallorca
185 Eur.

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