Woven walls

The textile walls came out of the ideas captured in the Nasciturus Sweaters. They are emotional wrappings projected onto those yet to be born (She Will Marry a Minister, 2015) that cramp the growth of the child's soul. The newborn's light–lovingly smothered by Arachne's stitches full of expectations– will have to filter through the openings in the fabric. From the beginning, we confuse the notion of covering with that of concealing ourselves, piling walls over our souls that convey skin-deep messages: "I am a lawyer, I am a doctor, I am a monk..." But if the cowl does not make the monk, who is the monk? Who can survive under the spiderwebs?

Estudiarà al seminari

He will study at the seminary
Wire, plaster, fabrics, different materials and acrylics
38 x 63 x 26 cm.
Base with LED bulb inside
The artist’s collection, Mallorca
1.250 Eur.

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