"Pesant girls from Andorra" and Fertility

Painting led me to art history, and in 2009 I defended my doctoral thesis: Picasso's Iconography between 1905 and 1907. The Influence of Pompeian Painting (Blecua Award, 2012, Universitat de Barcelona). From my dialogue between theory and artistic practice emerged collages of images drawn from the history of art and magazine ads, combining their original stories to develop new narratives. By example: I wrote an article ("Around Peasant Girls from Andorra") about a Picasso’s drawing entitled the Peasant Girls from Andorra, and then a pair of peasants came to my paintings. The series of the Peasants paintings includes since the Peasants tiny images surrounded by the fertility of the fields (Daisies and "Peasant Girls from Andorra") to the Peasants buying shoes in New York on his way to a Chicago museum where they reside.

Margarides i les “Pageses d’Andorra”

Daisies and the “Peasant Girls from Andorra
Oil and acrylic on canvas
97 x 146 cm.
The artist’s collection, Mallorca
7.000 Eur.

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